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Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho told to deliver trophies NOW as Spurs move on from 'sleeping giants' ta

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi KENNGUYEN6699, 11/9/20.

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    Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho told to deliver trophies NOW as Spurs move on from 'sleeping giants' tag

    Jose Mourinho has been told he must deliver trophies at Tottenham Credit: Rex Features
    DANIEL LEVY has told Jose Mourinho he wants trophies at Tottenham.
    Spurs have not lifted any silverware since the 2008 League Cup — and for their last top-flight title you have to go all the way back to 1961 soccer tips for today .
    Chairman Levy, who was appointed in 2001, tells Amazon Prime’s new All or Nothing documentary on the club: “Tottenham when I took over was a much smaller club than it is today.
    “I saw this club as a sleeping giant.
    “We are now in a period where we need to win.
    “I am a Spurs fan and I want to see this club continue to grow — and I want to see trophies.”
    The North Londoners finished sixth last  season  after Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino as manager during a rollercoaster, coronavirus-hit campaign.
    Levy said: “You couldn’t really write what’s happened when you think last summer we were in the Champions League final.
    “We were also the largest net spenders in the transfer market last summer and sitting here today, Mauricio’s no longer with us, Jose Mourinho’s with us and we’ve had injuries we couldn’t believe free soccer tips daily .
    “Credit to Jose, he’s been a class act. He’s obsessed in a positive way with winning. But he’s come into a difficult situation.”
    Danny Rose, who was seen having showdown talks with Mourinho in the series before a loan move to Newcastle last season, could now join Serie A side Genoa.
: @soccertips

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